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This flash game is funny, you play one the Nintendo ds emulator with Luigi. The game-play is simple, use left and right keys to move and up to jump. This game is in 3D, you have to jump on the goombas heads. There are different levels in this nintendo ds emulator. There are a lot of bugs in this game, so better so don’t become crazy if you can’t control well Luigi.
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Classic Mario

Picture Classic Mario
Gameplay Classic Mario

Very nice free classic Mario

Play Classic Mario Now

Bullet Bill 2

Picture Bullet Bill 2
Gameplay Bullet Bill 2

Guide the bullet until the end of the level !

Play Bullet Bill 2 Now

Jump Mario

Picture Jump Mario
Gameplay Jump Mario

Mario has to jump to survive and to collect all the stars !

Play Jump Mario Now

Hungry Mario

Picture Hungry Mario
Gameplay Hungry Mario

Mario Is Very Hungry Today

Play Hungry Mario Now

Mario Bounce

Picture Mario Bounce
Gameplay Mario Bounce

Jump As Many Times As You Can On The Shell.

Play Mario Bounce Now

Mario Level 2

Picture Mario Level 2
Gameplay Mario Level 2

Play The Second Level.

Play Mario Level 2 Now

Jump Up

Picture Jump Up
Gameplay Jump Up

Catch All The Golden Stars !

Play Jump Up Now

Luigi Day

Picture Luigi Day
Gameplay Luigi Day

Nice Luigi's Game.

Play Luigi Day Now

Classic Mario Bros

Picture Classic Mario Bros
Gameplay Classic Mario Bros

Play With Mario Or Luigi Within Two Modes

Play Classic Mario Bros Now

Bowser Ball

Picture Bowser Ball
Gameplay Bowser Ball

Bowser Is Coming Back To Bother Our Favorite Plumber.

Play Bowser Ball Now

Mario Combat Deluxe

Picture Mario Combat Deluxe
Gameplay Mario Combat Deluxe

Very Nice Cartoon Style Including So Many Actions !

Play Mario Combat Deluxe Now

Super Mario Kart

Picture Super Mario Kart
Gameplay Super Mario Kart

Mario And Luigi Are Very Good Karting Drivers.

Play Super Mario Kart Now

Castle On Fire

Picture Castle On Fire
Gameplay Castle On Fire

Luigi Is Confined Inside A Castle, Try To Help Him !

Play Castle On Fire Now

Super Boat Bonanza

Picture Super Boat Bonanza
Gameplay Super Boat Bonanza

Help The Most Famous Sailor To Navigate On The River.

Play Super Boat Bonanza Now

Super Mario Escape

Picture Super Mario Escape
Gameplay Super Mario Escape

Are you consistent ?

Play Super Mario Escape Now

Mario Megaman

Picture Mario Megaman
Gameplay Mario Megaman

Fight against all the different megaman bosses !! Excellent !

Play Mario Megaman Now

Mario Fly

Picture Mario Fly
Gameplay Mario Fly

Guide your Mario in the sky and shoot all the bad Goombas !

Play Mario Fly Now

Football Strickers

Picture Football Strickers
Gameplay Football Strickers

Our friend is a good Football player as well !

Play Football Strickers Now

Mario Boo Ghost

Picture Mario Boo Ghost
Gameplay Mario Boo Ghost

Do you like Ghost ? so try to kick Boo !

Play Mario Boo Ghost Now


Picture Poker
Gameplay Poker

Sometimes Mario plays Poker !! Can you become the champion ?

Play Poker Now

Mario Dancer

Picture Mario Dancer
Gameplay Mario Dancer

Have you seen a dancing plumber ? let's try this skill game...

Play Mario Dancer Now

Super Mario Rampage

Picture Super Mario Rampage
Gameplay Super Mario Rampage

Ok, let's take your gun ! the flying Koopa troops are waiting you !

Play Super Mario Rampage Now

Mario And Luigi

Picture Mario And Luigi
Gameplay Mario And Luigi

Do you want play with Luigi or Mario ? if yes try this game ! Both of them are available.

Play Mario And Luigi Now

Coin Catcher

Picture Coin Catcher
Gameplay Coin Catcher

4 levels to catch a lot of coins !

Play Coin Catcher Now

Dress Up

Picture Dress Up
Gameplay Dress Up

Dress Mario up like a handsome playboy !

Play Dress Up Now


Picture Patchwork
Gameplay Patchwork

You play like a dressmaker in this game of sewing.

Play Patchwork Now

Bullet Bill

Picture Bullet Bill
Gameplay Bullet Bill

Hit Mario and Luigi at the end to get a bonus.

Play Bullet Bill Now

Revenge Interactive

Picture Revenge Interactive
Gameplay Revenge Interactive

For the first Time, Luigi has to revenge against Mario Bros.

Play Revenge Interactive Now

Mario Combat

Picture Mario Combat
Gameplay Mario Combat

Kick bowsers ass ! You are Mario and you have to fight now !!!

Play Mario Combat Now

Super Mario World

Picture Super Mario World
Gameplay Super Mario World

Super game !! Discover many fancy worlds ! Let's go NOW !

Play Super Mario World Now

Star Road

Picture Star Road
Gameplay Star Road

Play 9 levels and catch all the stars

Play Star Road Now

Super Flash

Picture Super Flash
Gameplay Super Flash

This super flash is super nice !!

Play Super Flash Now

Smash Nintendo Sega

Picture Smash Nintendo Sega
Gameplay Smash Nintendo Sega

Sega VS Nintendo in Mario's world

Play Smash Nintendo Sega Now

Super Wardrobe

Picture Super Wardrobe
Gameplay Super Wardrobe

Select his best wardrobe

Play Super Wardrobe Now

Racing Tournament

Picture Racing Tournament
Gameplay Racing Tournament

Drive some Karting and become the best karting drivers of this tournament.

Play Racing Tournament Now

Ghost House

Picture Ghost House
Gameplay Ghost House

Boo ! The ghosts come back in this house !

Play Ghost House Now

Super Sunshine 64

Picture Super Sunshine 64
Gameplay Super Sunshine 64

This flash version is one of the best.

Play Super Sunshine 64 Now

Super Sunshine 128

Picture Super Sunshine 128
Gameplay Super Sunshine 128

Choose the mode, then enter inside the castle to start.

Play Super Sunshine 128 Now

Super Mario X

Picture Super Mario X
Gameplay Super Mario X

This X version is very simple.

Play Super Mario X Now

New Super Mario World 3

Picture New Super Mario World 3
Gameplay New Super Mario World 3

New super Mario from Newgrounds

Play New Super Mario World 3 Now

Super Mario Remix

Picture Super Mario Remix
Gameplay Super Mario Remix

A new version of super Mario

Play Super Mario Remix Now

Flat Screen

Picture Flat Screen
Gameplay Flat Screen

Color this flat screen of Mario

Play Flat Screen Now

Mario 3d

Picture Mario 3d
Gameplay Mario 3d

This is one of the best 3D Mario !

Play Mario 3d Now

Simple Mario

Picture Simple Mario
Gameplay Simple Mario

This a very simple Mario Bros, but addicting.

Play Simple Mario Now

Mario Jumper

Picture Mario Jumper
Gameplay Mario Jumper

Jump as high as you can !

Play Mario Jumper Now


Picture Memory
Gameplay Memory

A simple memory game for kids.

Play Memory Now

Icon Of Mario

Picture Icon Of Mario
Gameplay Icon Of Mario

Stop and select the correct icons.

Play Icon Of Mario Now

Mario Catcher

Picture Mario Catcher
Gameplay Mario Catcher

Catch all the small Mario and the green mushrooms.

Play Mario Catcher Now


Picture Adventures
Gameplay Adventures

The newest advetures of Mario.

Play Adventures Now

Mario Galaxy

Picture Mario Galaxy
Gameplay Mario Galaxy

Mario becomes an astronaut and goes to the space.

Play Mario Galaxy Now

Pixel Ninja

Picture Pixel Ninja
Gameplay Pixel Ninja

Find the black Ninja on every pictures.

Play Pixel Ninja Now


Picture Tic-tac-toe
Gameplay Tic-tac-toe

Tic Tac Toe, play as a vegetable...

Play Tic-tac-toe Now

Demo Mario

Picture Demo Mario
Gameplay Demo Mario

This one of the best demo !

Play Demo Mario Now

Mini Mario

Picture Mini Mario
Gameplay Mini Mario

Mini ? Mario became very small ?...

Play Mini Mario Now


Picture Miner
Gameplay Miner

Mario becomes a miner in this free game.

Play Miner Now

Mini Kart

Picture Mini Kart
Gameplay Mini Kart

Drive as fast as Shumacher... 1,2,3 Let's go !

Play Mini Kart Now


Picture Slot
Gameplay Slot

Choose the clothes of Yoshi and Mario

Play Slot Now

Catch The Stars

Picture Catch The Stars
Gameplay Catch The Stars

Try to get the big yellow stars of each level

Play Catch The Stars Now

Super Mario 63

Picture Super Mario 63
Gameplay Super Mario 63

Amazing version... This game is fantastic !

Play Super Mario 63 Now

Mario Hardcore

Picture Mario Hardcore
Gameplay Mario Hardcore

Do you like Hardcore music and guns ?

Play Mario Hardcore Now

Panic In The Pipe

Picture Panic In The Pipe
Gameplay Panic In The Pipe

If you like Pacman try this game.

Play Panic In The Pipe Now

Luigi Vs Mario

Picture Luigi Vs Mario
Gameplay Luigi Vs Mario

Do you like Mario or Luigi ? choose one of them to play.

Play Luigi Vs Mario Now

Demo 3d

Picture Demo 3d
Gameplay Demo 3d

Do you like games in 3 dimensions ?

Play Demo 3d Now


Picture Vectorial
Gameplay Vectorial

Another adventure game with your favorite plumber.

Play Vectorial Now

Time Attack

Picture Time Attack
Gameplay Time Attack

Your princess if very thirsty

Play Time Attack Now


Picture Music
Gameplay Music

Play all the sounds from the old Mario's games.

Play Music Now

Mario Vs Wario

Picture Mario Vs Wario
Gameplay Mario Vs Wario

Mario Vs Wario, Mario vs Wario Game, Play Mario vs Wario Game

Play Mario Vs Wario Now

Mario In Flash

Picture Mario In Flash
Gameplay Mario In Flash

Mario jumps to collect the coins and disappears Goombas and Koopas to get score.

Play Mario In Flash Now

Tetris 3

Picture Tetris 3
Gameplay Tetris 3

Arrange and drop the similar blocks the close place.

Play Tetris 3 Now

New Super Mario World 2

Picture New Super Mario World 2
Gameplay New Super Mario World 2

Mario jumps from one place to another place and collect the coins.

Play New Super Mario World 2 Now


Picture Coloring
Gameplay Coloring

choose the color that you like and color your Mario picture.

Play Coloring Now

Boat Bonanza

Picture Boat Bonanza
Gameplay Boat Bonanza

Mario has to reach the coins and the green mushrooms by his boat.

Play Boat Bonanza Now


Picture Monoliths
Gameplay Monoliths

Help Mario to reach the coins by moving and jumping.

Play Monoliths Now

Adventures Of Mario Bros

Picture Adventures Of Mario Bros
Gameplay Adventures Of Mario Bros

Collect the yellow coins and jump on Goombas to get more score!

Play Adventures Of Mario Bros Now


Picture Koopa
Gameplay Koopa

Jump and step on the Koopas to make them disappear.

Play Koopa Now

Mario 2d

Picture Mario 2d
Gameplay Mario 2d

Jump as fast as you can on all Goombas and to break the walls.

Play Mario 2d Now

Quick Race

Picture Quick Race
Gameplay Quick Race

Mario has to run very quick to get Princess Peach back from Lakitu.

Play Quick Race Now

Cape Glide

Picture Cape Glide
Gameplay Cape Glide

Handles Mario's small Balloon to keep flying and avoid the blocks.

Play Cape Glide Now

Luigi Mario Rambo

Picture Luigi Mario Rambo
Gameplay Luigi Mario Rambo

Play as a sniper to kill Bowser.

Play Luigi Mario Rambo Now

Super Fishing

Picture Super Fishing
Gameplay Super Fishing

Start fishing as many as you can and collect the point.

Play Super Fishing Now

New Mario 2012

Picture New Mario 2012
Gameplay New Mario 2012

Mario has to jump as high as he can to reach the yellow coins.

Play New Mario 2012 Now

Super Moto

Picture Super Moto
Gameplay Super Moto

Help Mario to reach the coins by riding his super moto!

Play Super Moto Now

Kart Racing

Picture Kart Racing
Gameplay Kart Racing

Drive your Mario Kart Racing and be the winner in the circuit.

Play Kart Racing Now


Picture Warrior
Gameplay Warrior

Make you feel free to play your gun to shoot your enemies!!

Play Warrior Now

Tower Defense

Picture Tower Defense
Gameplay Tower Defense

Shoot your enemies as quick as possible to protect the castle!

Play Tower Defense Now


Picture Bowser
Gameplay Bowser

Move quickly to avoid the Bowsers by jumping and runing.

Play Bowser Now

Power Coins

Picture Power Coins
Gameplay Power Coins

Help Mario to catch the coins as fast as you can.

Play Power Coins Now


Picture Quiz
Gameplay Quiz

Play this little quiz to test your memory.

Play Quiz Now

Mario For Kids

Picture Mario For Kids
Gameplay Mario For Kids

Mario have to collect the yellow coins and hit the Goombas.

Play Mario For Kids Now

Best Mario

Picture Best Mario
Gameplay Best Mario

Best Mario, Best Mario Game, Play Best Mario Game.

Play Best Mario Now

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