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Luigi is a famous Italian Plumber created by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1983. Traditionally he is the brother of super Mario. The difference is that Luigi wears green clothes, whereas Mario wears red clothes. Luigi is not the most famous characters, his brother is more famous but they have the same target. They must fight against the bad bowser, who always tries to do bad thing to the princess Peach. In this section, you will find all the flash games with this famous Nintendo's characters. Many different styles are available like dress-up, platform, action and logical games. If you like play Nintendo games, you will like gamemario.net. In our website you will find the best Luigi's flash games.
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Luigi Day

Picture Luigi Day
Gameplay Luigi Day

Nice Luigi's Game.

Play Luigi Day Now

Classic Mario Bros

Picture Classic Mario Bros
Gameplay Classic Mario Bros

Play With Mario Or Luigi Within Two Modes

Play Classic Mario Bros Now

Super Mario Kart

Picture Super Mario Kart
Gameplay Super Mario Kart

Mario And Luigi Are Very Good Karting Drivers.

Play Super Mario Kart Now

Castle On Fire

Picture Castle On Fire
Gameplay Castle On Fire

Luigi Is Confined Inside A Castle, Try To Help Him !

Play Castle On Fire Now

Super Mario Escape

Picture Super Mario Escape
Gameplay Super Mario Escape

Are you consistent ?

Play Super Mario Escape Now

Mario And Luigi

Picture Mario And Luigi
Gameplay Mario And Luigi

Do you want play with Luigi or Mario ? if yes try this game ! Both of them are available.

Play Mario And Luigi Now


Picture Patchwork
Gameplay Patchwork

You play like a dressmaker in this game of sewing.

Play Patchwork Now

Revenge Interactive

Picture Revenge Interactive
Gameplay Revenge Interactive

For the first Time, Luigi has to revenge against Mario Bros.

Play Revenge Interactive Now

Smash Nintendo Sega

Picture Smash Nintendo Sega
Gameplay Smash Nintendo Sega

Sega VS Nintendo in Mario's world

Play Smash Nintendo Sega Now

Racing Tournament

Picture Racing Tournament
Gameplay Racing Tournament

Drive some Karting and become the best karting drivers of this tournament.

Play Racing Tournament Now


Picture Memory
Gameplay Memory

A simple memory game for kids.

Play Memory Now

Icon Of Mario

Picture Icon Of Mario
Gameplay Icon Of Mario

Stop and select the correct icons.

Play Icon Of Mario Now

Luigi Mario Rambo

Picture Luigi Mario Rambo
Gameplay Luigi Mario Rambo

Play as a sniper to kill Bowser.

Play Luigi Mario Rambo Now

Power Coins

Picture Power Coins
Gameplay Power Coins

Help Mario to catch the coins as fast as you can.

Play Power Coins Now

Best Mario

Picture Best Mario
Gameplay Best Mario

Best Mario, Best Mario Game, Play Best Mario Game.

Play Best Mario Now

Luigi And Mario Puzzle

Picture Luigi And Mario Puzzle
Gameplay Luigi And Mario Puzzle

Fill in all the lines with your colour balls!

Play Luigi And Mario Puzzle Now

Luigi World

Picture Luigi World
Gameplay Luigi World

Luigi faces the traps and the fire to reach the green circle.

Play Luigi World Now


Picture Mahjong
Gameplay Mahjong

Play this special connect game.

Play Mahjong Now


Picture Waluigi
Gameplay Waluigi

Waluigi has to jump to get the coins and avoid the bad objects.

Play Waluigi Now

Mario And Luigi Bowser Ball

Picture Mario And Luigi Bowser Ball
Gameplay Mario And Luigi Bowser Ball

Mario and Luigi have to avoid Bowser's balls by moving quickly.

Play Mario And Luigi Bowser Ball Now

Face Maker

Picture Face Maker
Gameplay Face Maker

Make the face of Mario, Luigi, and Wario quickly before lose in time!

Play Face Maker Now

Nintendo Ds Emulator

Picture Nintendo Ds Emulator
Gameplay Nintendo Ds Emulator

Do you like Nintendo ? Try this nice Nintendo DS emulator with Luigi

Play Nintendo Ds Emulator Now

Donkey Kong And Luigi

Picture Donkey Kong And Luigi
Gameplay Donkey Kong And Luigi

This a good Donkey Kong arcade game with Luigi.

Play Donkey Kong And Luigi Now

Mario Kart

Picture Mario Kart
Gameplay Mario Kart

Mario or Luigi drives their car and attacks the enemies.

Play Mario Kart Now

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